For car owners that drive multiple vehicles, Fixd app can help to monitor each of the vehicles at one time. It acts as a dash to a car’s problems and helps them cope with car problems like arbitrary search engine lights, fear that the check engine light is serious, stalling and checking engine light, and diagnosing the problem. Fixd is supposed to help the consumer make sense of those check engine lights but it can’t help if the TPMS light pop up or the ABS light pop up.

Fixd software is an easy to use program and goes with any smartphones. It understands the difficulty which the vehicle may be having. The software uses the industry’s leading security protocol to be certain that the automobile and the information remain protected. The information collected isn’t shared with any third parties. Additionally, it acts as a handy reminder because it notifies the consumer on their telephone when their vehicle is coming on to another recommended maintenance interval so that they can plan beforehand.

The Fixd product review has a entire rating of 96%, with 98% score on reliability, 95 percent on easy to use, 94 percent on cost, 96% on endurance, and 97% on safety. It is employed as a plug-and-play device with a simple setup to get started. Fixd will work on the vehicles that are manufactured after 1996 and vehicles which run on gasoline or are hybrids. The device that’s connected to the auto will transmit the error code along with a description of the issue will be notified to the accompanying program.

Fixd will send a notification to the telephone if it detects problems together with effects of continuing to push with the problem, price estimates for fixing the issue. The maintenance is recommended via the program and it is possible to export all of the vehicle’s background for the driver’s record.

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